Equipped with treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, rowing machines and much more, our cardio room has all the facilities you will need to push yourself beyond your limit. Fantastic area to warm up and cool down and when you are finished, jump next door for a shower in our new, clean shower room.



Our Changing Rooms has everything you need for the perfect workout. Want to run faster? Increase your strength? Stay injury-free? STACKZ GYM is the place and has the space for you. There’s something for everyone’s workout needs. Make sure you are first on your list. Don’t hesitate to start today.


Hit the Weight Room at STACKZ GYM and leave a stronger person. Designed by athletes for athletes, this high-performance training space is the real deal. There are no unnecessary distractions so you can stay focused and committed to achieving your fitness goals. Make sure to check out the Weight Room the next time your are in!



Work out in style with our Stackz brand mens and womens fitness wear. We've got  a larger range of supplements from protein and vitamin based supplements for any level of athlete. Products include high quality whey protein, energy and vitamin supplements supporting lean muscle growth and recovery to Stackz Hats and Hoodies.  Whatever you need, we've got it all in our range of gym and fitness wear. Grab a bargain.